RE-303 rare parts kit

This kit includes new old stock parts, which we are also using in our own pre-built RE-303s:


  • 3 x Mitsubishi 2sc1583 (F or G depending on items in stock)
  • 1 x Mitsubishi 2sc2291 (F or G depending on items in stock)
  • 10 x NEC 2sa733ap
  • 27 x NEC 2sc945p or Sanyo 2sc536f or Toshiba 2sc1815gr (leave a message at your order which type you'd like, all 3 of them have been used in TB-303s)
  • 1 x Toshiba 2sk30a-o
  • 1 x Toshiba 2sk30a-y
  • 1 x Sanyo LA4140
  • 2 x Panasonic AN6562
  • 1 x NEC RD6.8EB3
  • 1 x NEC RD15EB3
  • 8 x Rohm 2sc2021r

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RE-303 Potentiometer Guide

The potentiometer guide is used to improve the tweaking experience by stabilizing the potentiometers. It comes with pre-fitted double sided adhesive tape to conveniently mount it on the bottom side of the faceplate of your RE-303.

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