To provide high quality work, we are using industry approved soldering tools, measurement and testing equipment.  


Soldering and Rework:


  • Soldering Stations: Metcal MX 5200 / Weller WS81
  • Desoldering Station: Pace ST-115E with SX-100 sodr-x-tractor
  • Hot Air: Atten 862D


Measurement equipment:


  • Oscilloscope: Picoscope 5242
  • Multimeter: Fluke 175
  • Benchtop Power Supply: Metrix AX 503


Testing and Monitoring:


  • Reference Speakers: Event Opal / Genelec 8010ap
  • Reference Headphones : Beyerdynamic DT990
  • Audio Interface: RME Fireface UC



Offering the build up and assembly service isn't just our job, it's also our passion. Having experience with vintage synths and drum machines for more than 20 years, makes it possible to build and service these instruments meeting our customers expectations.