Din Sync RE-303 


http://www.dinsync.info/ - Blog of the developer of the RE-303 including news of upcoming products

RE-303 Shop - The place to get the Space Cadet bundle and various other parts for the project

RE-303 Forums - The RE-303 forums for questions and answers and general info about the project 

RE-303 case assembly guide
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.4 MB

Din Sync Gilbert

Gilbert case assembly guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB

Sonic Potions LXR


Sonic Potions - Homepage of the developer of the RE-303 CPU, the LXR drummie and more

 e-licktronic NAVA & YOCTO 


e-licktronic - Homepage, shop and forums of the developer

Jasper EDP Wasp clone


http://www.jaspersynth.co.uk/ - Homepage of the project containing all information



https://www.adafruit.com/ - Homepage of the developer of the x0xb0x